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           Our company is specialized in the production and manufacturing of the unloading machine, stocker, reclaimer and possesses the complete set of crane and road building machinery and whole particular mould and clamping apparatus. They are inspected according to the procedure quality control requirements and the one-file-one-machine document is established and maintained in the file room annually.
          We could also customize and design each kind of non-standard equipment, load and unload machinery, crane, conveyor and road building machineries.
          In 1992, our company designed, manufactured and installed 3 sets of Model 91 Improved Version chain unloading machine, 2 sets of LK8m Improved Version bridge unloading machine for Hangzhou Steel Group and won the confirmation and appraisal from them.In 1996, we manufactured the bucket line unloading machine with frequency conversion operation for Anhui Wuhu Steel Group, which is the quality products with new techniques.We also manufactured and installed 1 set of Improved Version spiral unloading machine for Shijiazhuang Coke Oven Plant, 2 sets for Xinjiang Bayi Steel Factory, 2 sets for Tianjin No. 2 Gas Plant and 5 sets for Handan Steel Group respectively and are all awarded with quality product and good service Silk Banner and Diploma. Also we manufactured the unloading machine and stocker for Shanxi Coking Group, 1 set of bucket wheel .reclaimer for Chendu Steel Factory, 2 sets of stockers and reclaimers respectively for Yunnan Qujing Gas Manufacturing Factory, etc.
          Our company has developed and manufactured the environmental protection chain unloading machines, two of which are applied in Wuhan Steel Group Iron Works. The 93 Improved Type bucket line unloading machine, applied in Jiyuan Steel Company for unloading of track curve railway is equipped with 4 sets of machine running, lotus leaf earth beam and upper beam.gate-style grab and crane produced for Hanzhou Steel Factory won the clients’ appraisal too.
          Our company values the contract and the credit, and the qualified enterprise with standard measure which is proved by the governmental institutions for many years.
          It has won the Quality Certification and has passed the ISO9001 Quality System Authentication.