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           After thirty years’ development, our company has produced the annual output of nearly 50 million Yuan, covering the area of Sq. 40,000m and construction area of Sq. 20,000m. now it possesses the complete set of manufacturing equipments, which could produce and forge the cranes, several automatic discharge cutter, automatic arc welder and the DC and AC electric welder of different specification. It could possesses the shearing machine which could cut by hydraulic forces to 13mm, the crack detector, the rust removal equipment, the profiled bar straighten machine, etc. It has over 300 measure apparatus, such as the lathe, boring lathe, milling machine, drill press and pressing machine, etc.
          The company is coordinated with 10 million registered capital, 7 million fixed asset, 150 technical staff, 5 senior engineers and 5 assistant technicians, taking up 20% of the total staff. The working staff engaged in particular types of work are stipulated to hold the certificates before working onsite.
           Our company has the coordinated manufacturing safety sliding line factory, Zhongnan Antisepsis and Heat Insulation Branch, Crane Manufacturing Factory and Road Building Machinery Manufacturing Company.